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Durable Floor Coverings in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Protect the floors in your business with the floor coverings from Vale Painting in Tulsa, Oklahoma. When it comes to redoing floors, we go the full distance for our clients.

Floor Coverings

Restore your floors with our variety of floor coverings constructed to make your floor last longer. For gym floors, a lot of athletes like something that cleans easily. The same holds true for airports and high travel areas. We install coverings such as:

• Vinyl Chip Liquid Applied • Quarts Urethane

• Epoxy Urethane


For an added protective barrier, we put down a no-skid material called Shark Tooth™. This helps ensure people do not slip and fall.

Lobby - Floor Coverings

Request installation services for our resilient floor coverings from us in Tulsa, Oklahoma.